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National Call Your Doctor Day

In checking through my email last night, I saw this message from The National Day Calendar that today is “National Call Your Doctor” Day. Now I haven’t called my doctor in a while so I thought I’d read the post to see why I should call the man in the white coat. According to the site, today, the second Tuesday in June is a day set aside by Bright Pink, a woman’s health non-profit, for young women to call their doctor and schedule their annual Well-Woman Exam.

As women, we make all kinds of appointments: hair dresser, manicure and pedicure, massage etc. Even pet grooming gets priority. Why not take a few minutes to schedule an appointment for something that can save you months, maybe years, of illness later on?

Other reasons why you should schedule a Well-Woman visit?

1. Like I said above, it can save you years of illness later on. It may even save your life. Years ago during my annual exam, my OB/GYN discovered I had abnormal cells. Had I waited a little longer, they would have become cancerous.
2. Establishing rapport with your doctor. Health care, thankfully, is becoming all-embracing. You don’t just go to your doctor when you have a cold or some ache or pain. During your well-woman visit, You should ask questions and voice your concerns so your doctor will know what else he should screen you for. Weight gain or loss, stress, fatigue, all of these can be discussed with your doctor.
3. It’s free. Under the Affordable Care Act, a well-woman visit comes under preventative care and therefore carries no out-of-pocket costs. So when you call to schedule, today, be sure to say you’re coming for a well-woman exam.

Now remember, when you schedule that exam, you are not just doing it for yourself, but also for those you love. So pick up your phone and call today. And when you finish calling, call your BFF or family member and make sure they do the same.

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