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Join My Healthy Weight Loss Lifestyle Challenge

This is not my usual Monday morning inspirational/motivational post, but I’m hoping it will motivate you enough to join me in my healthy weight loss lifestyle challenge, starting one week from today. Yes, I know I did mention in my previous post that it will be starting this week, but I wanted to give more of you a chance to sign up for this exciting challenge.

Who would benefit from this challenge?

This challenge is aimed primarily at those of you who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and wish to lose weight in order to control your glucose. However, I hope that others who are neither diabetic nor overweight will also join the challenge in order to make those lifestyle changes that will help you look better, sleep better and have more energy.

How is it Different From a Diet?

Since weight loss is not your ultimate goal, the approach is entirely different than dieting. You will be making small changes in your daily life that will move you forward to your health and wellness goals. It’s not about starving yourself, or working out to the point of exhaustion —those methods never work long term— instead, you are looking at your health and life as a whole, and making changes that offer lasting impact and lasting satisfaction.

The key here is to achieve healthy and natural weight loss. Not through a diet and not with extreme methods that will only lead to yo-yo dieting and your weight constantly going up and down. We want this to be a permanent change in your life that follows you through for many years to come.

To help you get started:

You will need a journal or notebook to record your thoughts and activities each day. Writing things down helps to make them more concrete and bring them into focus. Keeping a journal can also act as a reminder for those times when you may forget to do something. It will also serve as a good record to look back on and see what you achieved. You should also start thinking about healthy meals, exercises, and other habits you want to incorporate into your healthy routine.

Journal prompt – What makes you want to switch to a healthy weight loss lifestyle?

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