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How To Stop Procrastinating and Reach Your Goals

The weekend is over, Monday morning has rolled around and you know you should be up by a certain time and heading for your walk or to the gym, but instead you do what you have been doing for the past five weeks since you set your goals — you procrastinate. Later, you feel badly, like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. This article deals with how you can stop procrastinating and reach your goals.

Procrastination is the habit of putting things off. What are some of the things you put off on a regular basis? Check all that apply.

Procrastination is another form of excuse. The reason you did not get dressed and go for your walk is —- fill in the blanks. That’s your excuse.

So naturally the next question is why did you make that excuse? Maybe you don’t like walking. Maybe you find it boring, tiring, tedious, whatever. These excuses, say the experts, may be the result of “task aversion.”

So, how can you cure this habit of procrastination? Note that it is a habit, a practice of doing something else instead of what you know you should be doing. Therefore, instead of doing something else, anything, other than walking, can you think of an activity you enjoy that will produce the same results as if you walked for 30 minutes?

Walking the dog, pushing the baby in a stroller are all forms of walking that you may find more enjoyable. Also, walking with a buddy or walking while listening to music or an audiobook will make the time seem to pass more quickly and may even make you look forward to walking every morning. If this doesn’t work for you, try breaking it down into a shorter period, say fifteen minutes.

So far, I’ve only talked about walking, but what about other things you keep procrastinating? Like adopting a new way of eating or preparing your food? How do you avoid putting these things off? Here are three suggestions:

  1. Write the activity somewhere where it’s always visible — like on your fridge, mirror, or planner. Do not make a long list of things you should be doing. Just the main one you want to work on.
  2. Think of the end goal. What do you hope to achieve when you stop procrastinating? Weight loss? Lower glucose levels? More energy? Keeping the benefits in mind will motivate you to move toward your goals.
  3. Enlist the help of others. If you are trying to change your eating habits, and the rest of your family is not, then you have a problem. Look for flavorful recipes that the whole family can enjoy. When dining out, choose menu items that cater for those who are on low-carb, nutritious diets that are pleasing to taste and satisfying.

Procrastination is a habit that can seriously derail your goals if you don’t overcome it. You can do so by writing your goals down, focusing on the benefits of achieving your goals and enlisting your goals. How do you beat procrastination? Drop us a line and let us know.

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Beating Procrastination

Monday is a day most of us dread. The weekend is over and we have to get back to work and other things we would rather not do. But we must go to work because the consequences of not doing so could be dire. We must take the kids to school, the dog to the vet, and a myriad other things that demand our attention. In the midst of all this, do we take time to look after ourselves, or do we put it off for tomorrow when we have more time?

I think we all procrastinate at times and we all use the excuse of not having enough time when we want to procrastinate. I know I do. It’s one of the habits I’m still struggling to break. But if I wanted something really badly, I would not put off doing what I need to do. For example, once I was sure I wanted to go back to school to earn a degree so I could have a marketable career, I did it, even though I was over forty.

I imagine you would do the same once you made up your mind that you need to achieve a certain goal. Then the actions you must take are no longer optional. They become necessary. So, if you truly want to get on the road to good health, you have to take the necessary steps. You have to eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough sleep and manage your stress level.

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good riddance day

I came across this heading while reading my devotional recently.  The article referred to a Latin American practice of writing down all the negative things of the past year that  they wanted to be rid of. I think  this is a good practice, don’t you? In a sense, it’s a form of journaling where you write down those ideas,  activities or habits that may have hindered you over the past months.

What were they? Was it procrastination? This one is definitely going on my good riddance list.  Was it being inconsistent – exercising today and not tomorrow? Or was it thinking you could never achieve your goals for whatever reason?

What would you like to add to your list of good riddance items? Take the time now to write them down then go a step further. Replace those negative thoughts, ideas, habits with positive ones.  You may draw up two columns like this:

Good riddance                                                Good habits

Procrastination    ………………..                  Timeliness

Inconsistent         …………………                    Consistent

Negative thinking   …………….                    Positive thinking

And you can go on like that until you have sorted out all of the things you want to get rid of so you can start afresh in the new year, After you have done that, you can work on   your goals.

And remember, if you need help setting and reaching your goals in the new year, just contact me for a free session.  Happy New Year!