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How To Perfect Your Nighttime Routine For A Good Night’s Sleep

Moving on to the next part of your lifestyle changes – your nighttime routine! Let’s spend day 5 going over your nighttime routine and making some important tweaks to ensure a good night’s sleep and plenty of energy each and every day.

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Why do You Need a Nighttime Routine?

The nighttime routine might seem silly or unnecessary but trust me – it works! While your morning routine helps set you up for the day and get you into a healthy mindset, the nighttime routine is about bringing you back down. It helps to relax you, de-stress, and help you get good sleep.

Without a good nighttime routine, you probably spend all night watching Netflix or going through your phone, which is going to put you into a tense, stressed state when you’re trying to sleep. This isn’t very restful, and you will likely oversleep the next morning, then not have a good routine in the morning.

See how that works?

What to Include in Your Nighttime Routine

When thinking about what to include in your nighttime routine, think about what will help relax you and help you get ready for bed. It can include exercise, but it should be soothing, like a stretching or light yoga routine.

Maybe you have a cup of chamomile tea while you write in your journal, or you turn the lights down low in your bedroom to pray or meditate. If you don’t have time for Bible reading during your morning routine, then why not include it as part of your nighttime routine? Just try to include activities that don’t make you more alert like watching TV, and instead help promote calm, relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Tip – Set up your nightstand with your journal, book, essential oils, and anything else that is part of your nighttime routine. This helps you keep up with your routine each and every night.

Journal Prompt – Describe Your Perfect Nighttime Routine.

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