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Day 3: How To Build A Healthy Morning Routine

Welcome back to the Weight Loss Lifestyle Challenge. How are you liking it so far?

Today is day 3, which means it’s time to talk about your daily routines, starting with your morning routine. Everyone has a morning routine, which simply consists of the tasks you do each day after you wake up. But, is your current morning routine working for your health and weight loss goals?

Let’s find out.

How much time do you give yourself each morning? This is really the first thing you should ask yourself, because if you barely have enough time to get ready for work, you probably don’t have much wiggle room for adding more to your morning routine.

If you are constantly rushed and always running late, the first thing you need to do is set your alarm for earlier, so you can practice some healthy habits before the family wakes up.

Do you have any personal or self-care time? Next, think about the tasks you complete each morning. If none of them have to do with relaxing, eating a healthy breakfast, or moving your body, it’s time to reevaluate how you spend your time.

What healthy habits can you add? Finally, think of what you would like to add to your morning routine to help change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Maybe you do yoga in the morning, pray, write in your journal, read a chapter from a book, or make yourself a nutritious smoothie.  

Tip – Set your alarm about 30 minutes earlier than necessary to fit in more tasks during your morning routine.

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Journaling Through COVID-19

In this uncertain time when many of us are wondering what to do with all this extra time we suddenly have on our hands, why not try journaling? You may be confused, scared, or even angry at what is taking place. What better way to deal with these emotions than to put them down on paper? When you do, you will be able to see more clearly those issues that may be gnawing at your subconscious mind. Even though this is a dark time for the whole world, writing about your fears, anxiety, confusion or whatever they may be exposes them to light and makes them seem less threatening.

Keeping a journal will help with improving any mental health issues. However, if you really want to tackle a specific problem you’re having, it will help to determine the right type of journal to keep. One thing that can really help you make your journaling work is to learn how to keep one effectively. Make some journaling rules, do it every day to create a habit, and keep it private, unless you decide to let your therapist see it or you decide to use it to help others. This is for you and only you, for the most part.

Here are some benefits you can expect from journaling:

  • Gives You a Way to Express Your Thoughts and Feelings. Writing is a time-honored way of expressing thoughts and feelings safely. You never have to let anyone read it. You can write it down in the form of letters to people, or to yourself, or even to someone you don’t know.
  • Provides a Way to Understand Your Thoughts and Feelings. Sometimes it can be hard to understand and express what we feel even to ourselves. But when you focus on writing it down, it can help you understand everything in a new way, from a new direction that you may not have considered.
  • Helps You See the Big Picture More Easily. Looking back at the things you’ve written over time about any topic –the coronavirus, your illness, or loneliness –can provide insight into the situation that you never saw coming. That’s because having the journal to look back on provides a way to see the bigger picture. You may feel super-lonely, worried, frightened today, but it’s still less than yesterday, which lets you know it’s going to get even better from here.

Something funny happens when writing in a journal. As you’re writing (even if you’re upset), you’ll become calmer – especially when you read it back. You’ll become grateful for what you do have, even if it’s simply the ability to breathe in and out today. And that’s so important right now.

Your journal doesn’t have to contain writing alone. You can doodle, stick pictures of yourself, friends, family, places you’ve been or would like to visit, or anything you fancy. You may even write your goals, affirmations or scripture verses. Let it be your shrine. A place you can visit when you feel lonely or overwhelmed.

So, are you ready to start your art of self-discovery and self-awareness through journaling? You can use a notebook or you may purchase one from the store, but to help you make your journal more personal, I have designed a printable journal that you can color and decorate however you wish. Simply download, print and get to work.