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Spice Up Your Diet With These Grilled Veggies

Summer is here, the weekend is here, making it the perfect time for grilling. If you are looking for flavorful ways to add more vegetables to your diet, grilling is one of the best ways to do so. So why not pull out the grill, gather the family around and have a fun time grilling your veggies.

Grilling is a great way to enhance the natural sweetness of summer garden vegetables. For best results, cut all vegetables to a uniform thickness before grilling.

The recipe I have for you is Grilled Summer Vegetable Medley with Herb Butter. Prep time is only 15 mins., cook time is 10 – 14 mins. and this recipe serves 4 -6.

Compound Butter Ingredients:

¼ c. unsalted butter, room temperature
2 t. fresh thyme leaves, stems removed, Pinch of sea salt

Remaining Ingredients:

  • Olive oil or non-stick cooking spray for grill
    3 T. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 medium red onion, cut into ½-inch thick half rounds
    3 red bell pepper, core removed and cut into 4 equal-sized flat pieces
  • 3 small zucchini, cut in half lengthwise
  • 3 small yellow squash, cut in half lengthwise
  • 1 T. black Hawaiian salt (see below)

    Black Lava Hawaiian Sea Salt:


  1. Add butter, thyme, and salt to a small bowl. Combine thoroughly with a fork and transfer to a sheet of wax paper. Shape into a log and roll in the wax paper before placing in the refrigerator to firm up.  
  2. Prepare grill by brushing grates with a wire brush and lightly coating with oil or non-stick cooking spray. Pre-heat grill to medium.
  3. Brush both sides of the vegetables with the extra virgin olive oil. Place the onion and bell pepper on the pre-heated grill and cook for 5-6 minutes before turning.
  1. Continue grilling the onion and pepper for another 2-3 minutes before adding the zucchini and yellow squash. Grill the vegetables for another 4-5 minutes, or just until crisp tender. (Turn the zucchini and yellow squash once after 2-3 minutes)   
  1. Remove from heat and serve immediately with grilled bone-in pork chops or any other meat of your choice. Add a pat of the compound herb butter to the vegetables and pork chops for an extra bit of flavor and a nice presentation. Enjoy!

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