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Whatever The Verdict Might Be …

Five days ago, the world watched as Derek Chauvin, a police officer from Minneapolis, MN, was convicted on all three charges in the murder of George Floyd. The murder drew worldwide attention when it first occurred almost a year ago, and most people waited anxiously to see what would be the outcome.

Many unarmed black men in America had been murdered by police in the years prior and even following George Floyd’s murder. Some of them never faced trial, far less conviction, therefore this verdict rendered last week brought a sense of relief to many, especially George’s family.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, civil rights activist and news commentator, said in an interview following the verdict that George’s family had requested that he pray with them following the verdict, whatever it might be. They said they wanted to thank God, whether the verdict was good or bad, for bringing them through their painful ordeal.

In this time of uncertainty when we are grappling with sickness, loss of earnings, and the fear of what tomorrow might bring, we would do well to take a lesson from the Floyd family. These people, who watched the video over and over of a man kneeling on the neck of their loved one until his life was snuffed out, and still wanted to thank God for bringing them through, deserve our respect and admiration.

Researchers tell us that being thankful can reduce depression and stress, boost our immune system, help us sleep better and improve our overall mental and physical health. It can be easy to slip into an attitude of bitterness and despair when things are going against us, but a thankful attitude can help us overcome many of the obstacles that block our path.

Have you been dealing with type 2 diabetes or some other condition for a long time and wondering if or when you would get over it? Do you feel hopeless at times? Take a leaf out of the Floyd family playbook. Thank God for bringing you thus far. Thank Him for all He’s doing for you now and for what He’ll do for you in the future, then watch Him work in your life.

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