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What Are You Thankful For?

As another Thanksgiving rolls around, it is customary for the conversation around the dinner table to turn to the question above: What are you thankful for? Have you given any thought to what you should be thankful for?

Maybe just looking at the faces around you should provide some answers: Your spouse, children, friends.

It’s very easy to be thankful for those we love, but what about those we can’t stand? That co-worker, that neighbor, that person you meet at the bus stop every morning, why did God bring that person across your path?

This Thanksgiving, think about the people you wish you’d never met, and send up a prayer for them. And the next time you see them, why not give them a smile and a hello? Doing that will relieve you of the stress you feel whenever you come into contact with that person.

And when someone asks you what you are thankful for, say you are thankful for that person, because he/she is helping you become a better person.

Happy Thanksgiving!