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Mid-week Health News Roundup

How cycling helps reduce diabetes

Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay

Are you looking for an easy form of exercise to help you control diabetes, lose weight and improve heart health? Then pull out that bicycle that has been gathering dust in the attic or the garage, grab your helmet and take a spin around the block.

In a study published in Obesity, it was noted that an 8-week exercise program caused “improvements in insulin sensitivity and visceral adiposity in adults with obesity.” The study also showed modest changes in gut microbiome genera—the collection of bacteria and other microorganisms found in the intestinal tract.  

Don’t add lemon to coffee, dietitians say

The online trend of adding lemon to coffee has no actual benefits, says one dietitian, and “may even be a sign of a developing disordered eating where people consume unappetizing food just to lose weight.” Another one adds that we should be cautious about these trends as they are usually started by people with no qualifications.

Know your juices

Still on the topic of beverages, registered dietitian Dana Angela White says that while juices are good for hydration and providing nutrients, they don’t pack the amount of fiber as do whole fruits and vegetables. So, what should you do? Make your own juices at home, says White, and carefully investigate added ingredients in the juices you buy. She advises cold-pressed juices when possible.

Wondering what is cold-pressed juice? It is juice that is made using a hydraulic press. It takes a longer time to extract the juice than regular juicers and retains more of the vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients.

You can get your own cold-pressed juicer to ensure you are getting all the nutrients when you make your juice at home. Follow the link below.

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