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monday motivation – the power of two (or more)

I know it’s late in the day, but I wanted to share a little bit of motivation to help you get through not just today, but all the days of your entire health journey.

Two are better than one

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor ( Ecclesiastes 4: 9). NIV

The NLT version says, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”

That’s easy to understand, isn’t it? If you are trying to accomplish something on your own, the task may seem impossible, but if you enlist the help of someone, the task becomes more doable. The above biblical quotation is sometimes used during marriage ceremonies to reinforce the importance of the marriage partnership.

A buddy can help

This principle also holds true for other endeavors, such as reaching your health goals. Having a buddy to encourage you on those days when your enthusiasm is flagging, or you are just having a bad day and exercise seems like too much of an effort. Or, that quart of ice-cream is calling your name. A true buddy will help you overcome the temptation and remain accountable.

And so can a group

You may not be fortunate enough to have an accountability partner, but you can take advantage of the many groups or health clubs in your neighborhood. Even if you don’t speak to anyone, just being in an environment where people are running on treadmills, climbing stairs or doing aerobics can transmit some of that energy to you and before you know it, you are doing your favorite activity and  enjoying yourself.

A good health coach can also help you remain accountable. Why  not fill in the form below and see how I can help you achieve your health goals?

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