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It’s Never Too Late

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

The first time I heard about Ernestine Shepherd, the 80-year-old bodybuilder I felt ashamed of myself. This lady wakes up at 2. 30 a.m., goes on a 10-mile walk before heading to the gym where she works out and leads exercise classes until 11. 30 a.m. This lady, from what the report says, started working out at age 56, and I believe she still looks like 56.

Later, when I moved to a new community, I had even more reason to feel ashamed because the exercise class I joined was headed by a 90-year-old lady! Yes, you read that right. She is 90 and looks like a Barbie doll. See why I feel ashamed? But now, far from feeling ashamed, I’m inspired by these women. Inspired to get out of bed everyday and go for a walk or head to gym.

This brings me to the heading, it’s never too late. It’s never too late to change your eating habits, begin an exercise program, go back to school, or get the help you need. As long as you consult your physician and get his approval to implement the changes you want to make, you should be good to go.

In the Bible, there was a couple who wanted a baby. He was 99 and she was 10 years younger. God appeared to the man one day and told him that he and his wife were going to have a son. They both laughed when God told them this, but a year later, Abraham and Sarah had their baby, just as God had promised. Bearing a child at age 90 may be a medical impossibility, but with God it’s not. Never doubt what God can do in your life, if you would let Him.