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What To Eat On Eat Flexitarian Day

Think about anything at all and chances are there will be a national observance day for it. Today is Eat Flexitarian Day, and as the name implies, it means you can be flexible in what you eat today. However, the motivation behind this day is to get you accustomed to including some plant-based dishes in your diet so you can eventually transition to vegetarianism.

Vegetarian bread made from zucchini, flour, pecans and other ingredients
Pecan zucchini bread

For many people who might be averse to the idea of going without your hamburger or fried chicken drumstick, this may seem like an impossible task, hence the observation of eat flexitarian day. If you have been toying with the idea of starting a vegetarian or vegan diet and have been wondering how to begin, eating flexitarian gives you the opportunity to start slowly. You don’t have to go the whole hog at once (pun intended).

Pecan zucchini bread

Experts tell us that a plant-based diet helps improve our overall health and well-being. Chosen carefully, a plant-based diet provides your body with the same amount of protein and savory taste as meat. By eating flexitarian, you get to enjoy your favorite foods while making healthy choices that you can commit to over the long haul. As a diabetic, including more vegetables in your diet, will help you maintain a healthy weight, which in turn will help you control your blood sugar.

So, how do you begin eating flexitarian? National Day gives the following recommendations:

Stage 1 – Eat meat five times a week

Stage 2 – As you get used to eating more fruits and vegetables, limit your meat intake to three times a week

Stage 3 – Eat non-plant foods only occasionally. When meat is fully removed from your diet, you have transitioned to vegetarianism.

Whenever you take baby steps in beginning anything new, it’s usually easy to commit to it and sustain it over the long haul. Eating flexatarian is an easy and stress-free way to become a vegetarian and commit to it. Also, it spares the body the shock of a sudden transfer from eating meat to eating plant-based foods.

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