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How You Can Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. The pandemic has brought about an increase in the number of suicide deaths and attempts here in the United States. According to the JED Foundation, :suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults, and for every youth suicide it is estimated that 100 to 200 others attempt suicide.”

For #SuicidePreventionAwarenessMonth, the foundation is focusing on the importance of resiliency in helping a person cope with a pandemic and all the challenges it has brought. However, even if you are resilient, you still need the support of those around you.

Resilience in difficult times

How to be resilient in the face of setbacks

If you are finding it difficult to cope with the stress and demands of everyday life, you should reach out to someone—a trusted friend, partner or counselor—before things become really overwhelming. Unfortunately, there is still a terrible stigma attached to mental health in our society for the simple reason that many don’t understand it and some are afraid of it.

If you know or suspect someone close to you is thinking of suicide, The JED foundation has kindly made the resources below available to help us help those in need of help during this #SuicidePreventionAwarenessMonth. I am happy to share them with you. Look out for more in future posts.