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Day 1: Introduction to Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

It’s finally here! The day you’ve been waiting for. The day you begin to adopt new and healthy habits that will change your life forever. Take this from a person who grew up seriously overweight, was teased by her peers and wanted desperately to lose weight. Then one day my high school P.E. teacher, noticing my reluctance to participate in the class, looked at me and said, “You should move more. It will do you the world of good.”

I thought about what she said and began to exercise. The result was stunning. Not only did I lose the excess weight, I grew to love exercise and it became a daily habit. My eating habits also changed. I come from a culture where starches—bread, rice, potatoes, ground provisions— are the staples of every meal. That’s a recipe for obesity, diabetes, and all the attendant illnesses. I learned to limit my carb intake and that also had a positive impact on my weight.

I didn’t do anything drastic; I simply made simple lifestyle changes, and this is what I’m encouraging you to do. This is all important when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle not only for your health and wellness, but also when you want to lose weight more naturally.

For so many people, they are overweight from small choices that don’t seem like a big deal, but can have a large impact. The iced coffee you get every morning, the muffin you choose instead of a more balanced breakfast, skipping too many workouts in a row.

This is why just changing your lifestyle may be all you need to do to successfully lose weight.

Tip – Keep adjusting your routine and habits to blend well with different changes of your life. Your lifestyle won’t always be exactly the same, but remember it is all about balance.

Journal Prompt – Do you remember what triggered your weight gain in the first place or were you always overweight? Write it down in your journal. If you know someone who can benefit from this challenge or this blog, invite them to sign up below. Until next time, start changing.

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