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How Social Media Can Support Your Well-Being

One of the most damaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic is the loneliness caused by social distancing and enforced lockdowns. However, because of social media you don’t have to feel abandoned or isolated. You can reach out to friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a host of other platforms. Because of this and other roles which I will discuss below, social media can be invaluable to supporting your well-being.

  1. Ease stress and anxiety. Apart from keeping you from feeling lonely and isolated, social media can ease the stress and anxiety that comes from being alone. Sharing your thoughts and activities with virtual friends, receiving and offering your support can lift your spirits and remind you that somebody cares.
  2. Provide an outlet for your creativity. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are visual sites. You Tube accommodates all types of creativity and information. If you are creative or would simply like to learn how to do something you have done before, you can join any of these sites and post your images, songs, artwork, videos or enroll in courses that match your interest.
  3. Provide valuable connection for the disabled. Many groups devoted to people with disabilities exist on the internet. If you are disabled or suffer from some type of illness and wish to connect with others like yourself you can join one of these groups and find valuable information as well as support.

We often hear a lot of negative things about social media—cyberbullying, hate mail, exploitation—to name a few. Like everything else, if you handle social media with care it will serve you well. If you use it as a substitute for face-to-face interaction, you would soon find yourself withdrawn and seriously lacking in social skills. And that’s the irony. Too much social media can make you less sociable. So, make the best use of social media that you can, but don’t let it use you.

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