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Can You Celebrate When Bad Things Happen?

Happy Good Friday, everyone. As stated in my last post, I am deviating from my normal posts on matters pertaining to health and diabetes to focus a little on Easter and what it means to us in the Christian faith.

Whether you are at work or relaxing at home with your family, Good Friday is a day worth celebrating. If you were living in the first century you may not have thought of this day as Good Friday, because on that day, an innocent man suffered the worst type of death anyone could ever suffer — crucifixion on a cross.

But because of that day, you and I have been spared from sin and eternal death. Jesus paid the price for all of us when He gave Himself up to be crucified. And now we are free! For those of us who believe in Him, Good Friday means that all our sins are forgiven and we do not have to fear death or the grave. Isn’t that something worth celebrating?

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