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Skipping Dinner To Lose Weight? Think Again

You may have heard you should not skip breakfast if you are trying to lose weight. Now there’s a new study that shows that skipping dinner might make you more likely to gain weight.

A study published in Insider states that researchers at Osaka University found that not eating dinner is a “significant predictor of weight gain. The report goes on to say that those who skipped dinner all the time were more likely to be older, more overweight, a smoker or drinker, and to sleep for a shorter period of time.

Although skipping dinner is much less prevalent than skipping breakfast, it has a stronger association with weight gain and overweight/obesity than skipping breakfast. The reason? Skipping dinner makes you more hungry so you end up eating more during the day.

Another possible reason, the study says, is that dinner is more likely to consist of nutritious foods such as lean meat and vegetables, so if you skip dinner you could be consuming a less healthy diet.

In recent times, intermittent fasting has become a popular method for losing weight, with the eight-hour window (eat from 8.00 to 4.00) being the most popular. However, researchers warn that diabetics should not attempt intermittent fasting without first consulting their doctor.

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