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Happy Thanksgiving!

There, I said it. Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of what you might be going through. This might sound heartless. If you lost loved ones to COVID-19 or some other illness, or you lost your job or your home, the words Happy Thanksgiving may sound like a glass of cold water in your face, but please understand, this is not my intention.

My family has had its share of COVID-19 woes. My husband lost three of his close relatives and all we could do was video call other relatives, comfort each other, and watch a livestream of one of the funerals. Yes, we’re thankful for technology, but technology can’t take the place of being able to hug your loved ones, dry their tears and give them the comfort of your company. It can’t do any of these things, but we’re thankful.

In the same way we’re thankful that we are alive. We can still hear a bird sing, we can talk to someone, share a meal with a person who lives alone or someone who has just lost his/her job. Because of the mask he is wearing, we can’t see his lips part as we hand him our little gift, but when you whisper, “Happy Thanksgiving,” the smile reaches his eyes and he whispers back “Happy Thanksgiving.” You walk away, your steps lighter, your heart warmer, your mind happier. Next year is a new year. COVID-19 won’t last forever. The pain will vanish – in time. Happy Thanksgiving!