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Enjoy Thanksgiving On A Tight Budget

We will all agree, 2020 is a year like no other, and so our holidays will be holidays like no other. Or maybe I should take that back, because despite the CDC’s warning to limit travel for Thanksgiving, the airports are filled to capacity with people lining up to board full flights.

Others, like me, will be staying at home and enjoying Thanksgiving with our immediate family. Still, and this is the painful part, there will be lots of people all over the United States who will be joining the increasingly long food lines in order to feed their families on Thanksgiving Day. My heart goes out to them. But if you are like those of us who are staying at home, and your budget is tight, you may need to Keep It Simple. That may mean fewer side dishes, fewer desserts and maybe- dare I say it? – no turkey. By following the tips below, you can save yourself some expense :

  1. Try chicken instead of turkey – Let’s face it, a lot of turkey usually goes to waste every year. How many sandwiches, salads, casseroles can you make with the leftovers? Since you won’t have company this year, why not get yourself a nice whole chicken instead of a turkey and bake it? Chicken is tasty, nutritious, less expensive, and takes less time to prepare.
  2. Use ingredients you already have in your pantry. This Sweet Potato Casserole from All Recipes uses flour, sugar, and other staples you normally use.
  3. Buy individual amounts. If your family is small, there’s no point buying in bulk, unless you plan to share with someone.
  4. Look for coupons and specials. They are easy to find this time of year.
  5. Look for generic brands. They are less expensive and just as good as big-name brands.
  6. Buy some frozen foods. Fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper than fresh, and you can freeze the unused portions.
  7. Have a potluck. If you must have friends and/or relatives over, why not have a potluck? You will save money, time in the kitchen and you may pick up a new recipe or two.

This article will not be complete without a word of caution to you to be careful this holiday season. Remember, if you are a diabetic or have any underlying disease, you are at risk for catching the coronavirus, and if you do catch it, your chances of recovery are slim. So, please take care of yourself. If you must leave the house, wear your mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands as soon as possible. If you have to shop, go early or use store delivery. Watch your carb intake. If you use alcohol, have just one drink a day. Not too difficult, is it?

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