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The Secrets To Success

Are you trying to succeed at something? Maybe it’s to start a new career, a business, buy a home, or lose weight. Whatever it is you are trying to succeed at, others have gone that route before you and can teach you a thing or two that you need to know. One such person is Dale Carnegie, famous orator and author of How To Win Friends And Influence People, one of the best-selling self-help books of all time.

I am sure you may have read the book mentioned above. Dale Carnegie was not born into riches, neither did he achieve success overnight, but once he discovered what he was good at – public speaking – he worked at it, developed his skill to the point where he was able to teach others, and the rest, as we know it, is history.

You may not aspire to become as famous as Dale Carnegie or any celebrity you know. You may just be content to be the best at whatever you are doing or branch out into a new field. And that’s fine. The important thing is, wherever you plan to throw your hat, have fun doing it.

Here are a few points I will leave you with:

If you are stressed out trying to reach the mountaintop, you may not be able to enjoy the view when you get there.

Do not think for one moment that you have to be like Ms. So and So. Because she lost 10 pounds in a week doesn’t mean you have to do the same, neither should you attempt it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Hard work is a requirement for achieving anything worthwhile – every successful person will tell you that – but make time for some fun as well.

And to reinforce the last point, here’s a quote from Dale Carnegie: