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Why You Should Have A Valentine

On Friday Feb. 14th most people around the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day. The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to the third century when a Roman Catholic priest was martyred, either for helping Christians escape Roman persecution or for performing forbidden marriages. The records are not clear, however legend has it that St. Valentine became friendly with his jailor’s daughter and wrote her a note signed, “From your Valentine.”

The romantic celebration of Valentine’s Day did not begin until the nineteenth century when Esther Howland mass produced the first set of Valentine’s Day cards. From there, the day became a gift-giving event to include flowers, candy, perfume and other extravagant gifts. Most people today when asked what Valentine’s Day means to them will say, it means a day to express their love to those close to them.

So, should you have a Valentine? I use the term in the context of marriage. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate romantic love. Married couples have several reasons to celebrate as I found out from my research.

Married people live longer

According to Marie Gallagher, writing in the article Why Marriage Is Good For You, states that statisticians have found that while “having heart disease reduces a man’s life expectancy by just under six years, being unmarried chops almost ten years off a man’s life.” Not only do healthy married people live longer but those who are suffering from cancer, weakened immune systems or those who are undergoing surgery also tend to live longer.

Marriage is good for your mental health

It goes without saying that being in a loving, caring relationship can prevent you from becoming depressed, anxious or emotionally unstable.

Married people are more financially secure

Not only do they earn more, but they can build a comfortable nest egg together much easier than singles or divorced people can.

Married people enjoy better sex

In the article mentioned above, Gallagher states that “Wives are almost twice as likely as divorced and never-married women to have a sex life that a) exists and b) is extremely satisfying emotionally.” And “50 percent of husbands say sex with their partner is extremely satisfying physically, compared with 39 percent of cohabiting men.”

These are just four tested and proven reasons why you should have a Valentine. Or, to clarify, be married to your Valentine. Sadly, some couples who have been together for a long time take each other for granted. They forget the great benefits they enjoy from their union. I trust that this Valentine’s Day will remind you of how much you mean to each other, and you will do your best to show your spouse you truly love and appreciate him/her.

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