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Overcoming Guilt

When my children were little, I could usually tell when they were guilty of some mischief just by looking at their faces. Sometimes they might try to lie their way out of the situation, but their facial expressions usually gave them away. Now that they are older they know they no longer have reason to try to hide from me. If they made a mistake, they would tell me about it before I even found out.

How about you? Do you feel guilty because of some misdeed you have done? Or maybe it’s not a misdeed; you simply did something you should not have done, or you did not do something you should have done. Either way, you feel guilty. In the Bible, there were two people, Adam and his wife Eve, who did something they should not have done. They ate of the fruit God told them not to eat. And they got into trouble with God. (Read Genesis 3: 6) Sounds familiar?

The couple must have felt guilty for their wrongdoing because just like children, they went and hid themselves. But what did God do? Like a good father, He punished them for their misdeed, but He also showed them He still loved them by covering up their nakedness and their shame. (v 21)

We all have times when we feel guilty about something, small or big. When it comes to our health, we may feel guilty that we’re not doing enough. We are not eating the right foods, we are not as physically active as we would like to be, or we are not following our doctor’s orders. If you fall into of these categories, don’t lose hope. You can join my Type 2 Diabetics Network Facebook group where you will meet individuals like yourself who have the same struggles like you do.

We would also discuss what is important to you. Where do you feel you fall short? How can we help you cope with your illness without feeling either guilty or helpless? And much more. So, will you take a couple minutes and answer the following:

Where are you in your wellness journey? Do you recognize what the problem is? Have you found any solutions? Are you looking for solutions? Until next time, here’s to a healthy and happy lifestyle.