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Beating Procrastination

Monday is a day most of us dread. The weekend is over and we have to get back to work and other things we would rather not do. But we must go to work because the consequences of not doing so could be dire. We must take the kids to school, the dog to the vet, and a myriad other things that demand our attention. In the midst of all this, do we take time to look after ourselves, or do we put it off for tomorrow when we have more time?

I think we all procrastinate at times and we all use the excuse of not having enough time when we want to procrastinate. I know I do. It’s one of the habits I’m still struggling to break. But if I wanted something really badly, I would not put off doing what I need to do. For example, once I was sure I wanted to go back to school to earn a degree so I could have a marketable career, I did it, even though I was over forty.

I imagine you would do the same once you made up your mind that you need to achieve a certain goal. Then the actions you must take are no longer optional. They become necessary. So, if you truly want to get on the road to good health, you have to take the necessary steps. You have to eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough sleep and manage your stress level.

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