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Bible Verses About Love

No, it’s not Valentine’s Day, but every day is a good day to talk about love. Recently, I wrote a post about Walking in Love in which I spoke about following Christ’s example and showing love for others. Today, I’m happy to post this infographic written by Vivien, co-founder of Made In Agape, a site that provides faith-based apparel to help Christians share their faith with others.

In coming up with this infographic, Vivien says, “To always remind ourselves of God’s love for us, we need to refer to the scriptures in the Bible and examine God’s involvement in our lives. So to help everyone with the scriptures, we have spent a total of more than 50 hours reading, selecting 90 scriptures about love mentioned in the bible and then finally coming up with the infographics. We have also produced screen locks for iPhone and tablet, and wallpaper for desktop based on these 90 bible verses about God’s love, just for you! We really hope that you’ll find these resources useful in discovering His love for you and vice versa!  I add my wish to hers. You can read more from Vivien here: Made In Agapé

Here is the infographic below: