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Monday motivation – patience

 The fast lane

We live in an age and a society where everything happens fast – fast food, fast internet, fast cars, and you can probably think of a lot more. It is no wonder that when we set goals, we want to see results fast, but just think,  Michael Jordan, Serena Williams or any great achiever did not get where they are overnight.

 Unrealistic goals

However, if your goals are to have truly meaningful results that last, as opposed to those that are fast, you may have to wait a while. In other words, be patient.  A goal to lose 5 pounds in one week is not only unrealistic, it’s unhealthy.

Be patient

Healthcare professionals agree that losing 1 – 2 pounds a week is safe, attainable and sustainable. It’s no use shedding 5 pounds in one week only to have them come right back -with company – once your weight loss efforts are over.


Patience benefits us in many ways. Not only do we  appreciate ourselves more when we have accomplished our goals, but we acquire the strength, skills and  endurance as we work patiently toward our goals. This applies to any goal we set for ourselves – whether it’s to lose weight or study for a degree. So, be patient!