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Have A Tea Break And Boost Your Health

It may be mid-morning or mid-afternoon depending on where you are, but any time is a good time to have a cup of tea. The English know it, the Orientals know it, and here in America, we seem to be now catching on. Research has shown that drinking tea can provide several health benefits, especially to women.

Tea, whether it’s green, black, red or white, is rich in flavonoids, chemical compounds found in plants and said to contain many health benefits. Researchers have found that tea may help fight cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and other conditions.

Let’s look at some benefits of green tea:

1. Brain boost. Green tea contains caffeine, a known stimulant, also found in coffee. However, unlike coffee, green tea doesn’t make you feel nervous and jittery, but you do get the increased mental alertness that caffeine provides. Some studies have found that green tea may also prevent Alzheimer’s.

2. Weight loss. Some studies have shown that the weight loss experienced by some individuals is insignificant, while other studies show increased energy expenditure and fat burning as a result of drinking green tea.

3. Cancer fighting. Because of the powerful antioxidants in green tea, researchers have found that you can lower your risk of developing several types of cancer.

4. High cholesterol. Green tea has been found to lower your LDL and total cholesterol numbers and as a result protect you from heart disease.

5. Diabetes. You can bring this crippling disease under control by drinking green tea regularly. It improves insulin sensitivity and helps lower blood sugar levels.

If you are heading for your coffee break, why not have a cup of tea instead? But like everything else, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle. That means healthy nutrition and regular exercise. If you load your tea with lots of dairy and sugar, you would counteract the healthful benefits of the tea. So, buy the best possible brand you can get, brew it yourself, add a squeeze of lemon, a teaspoon of honey and enjoy. You may have it hot or cold.

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