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What’s Your Plan For The Week

It’s Monday morning, and for many of you, it’s a day you don’t look forward to. After spending the weekend relaxing with your family, you may be experiencing the Monday Blues and all that go with it–the alarm clock, getting the kids off to school or camp, fixing breakfast or lunch … And in the midst of all that, you forget about you.

Well, today is the day you can change that. Once things settle down – the kids are out of the house, hubby is off to work – take a few minutes to write down your plan for the week. Maybe it’s to join that exercise class you’ve been thinking about, or maybe it’s to try a new meal plan, or to start juicing. Whatever you’ve been thinking about and putting off, write it down.

But, you say, I work outside of the home. When am I going to find time to write anything down? Try your lunch break or any other break you may have during the day. The reason behind writing things down is that they become more real, more concrete to you. When you don’t write them down, they simply exist somewhere in the furthermost recesses of your mind, but when you write them down, they become more real and more achievable.

For example this morning, I decided I wanted to reach a certain goal with my writing this week. I set a goal of writing 1000 words for the week with the intention of writing 250 words every day for four days. I sat down and wrote 470 words in the time I’d allotted myself. I was amazed and pleased with myself. That is what goal writing does.

I listed some health goals above that you may want to work on, but your goals don’t have to be anything to do with exercise or diet. It may be to get a new hairstyle or a new hair color. Or read that book you’ve been meaning to read for a while. Or maybe call up a friend or relative you haven’t heard from in a while. These simple little actions can lift your mood, help you feel better about yourself and maybe help someone else. And just writing them down on a Monday morning can take the “blueness” out of the day. Try it!

Maybe one of those goals you’ll write today is to arrange for a free health coaching consultation. If so, all you have to do is fill out the form below.
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