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The Three C’s of Goal-Keeping

One of the earliest posts I did on this blog had to do with goal-keeping and staying on track . We all have good intentions when it comes to achieving our goals. We do not plan to fail, but life happens,  and before we know it, we are looking ourselves in the mirror and thinking, “I’m never going to make it.”

Turn off that thought.

And get back in the saddle.

But before you go over your goals,  try these 3 C’s that will help make goal-keeping easier.

Commitment – The thesaurus gives such synonyms as vow, oath, pledge, covenant. These are serious things. If you vow, pledge, covenant or make an oath to do something, you have to do it.  Can you commit to 30 minutes of exercise a day, 5 days a week? If you cannot, then commit to what you can do. Maybe 3 days a week, or 10 minutes a day (that works too), but do something.

Compliance – When I worked as an occupational therapist, compliance was a big issue for some of our patients. I’m sure every healthcare professional can relate. Patients don’t take their medications as prescribed; they don’t perform their exercises according to guidelines, they don’t show up for group etc. etc.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines compliance as the act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or to coercion. Wearing your seatbelt is complying with the law. Following an exercise regimen as agreed to by you and your coach is an act of compliance.

Consistency – Thesaurus gives these words: constancy, evenness, regularity, uniformity. They mean almost the same as compliance and commitment, but I think they go a little deeper. If you plan to walk fifteen minutes a day, don’t do 10 minutes and then decide to stop. Be consistent. Unless you are feeling ill, in which case you should stop immediately, do your 15 minutes. Later, you may increase your time to 20 minutes.

I have used exercise here as your goal, but it can be anything from eating smaller portions to drinking water to taking a class. Whatever goal you set for yourself, the three C’s can help you stay on track.

Maybe for you it’s not as easy as it sounds. Maybe you need someone to help you get over the hurdles of setting and keeping goals. Why not fill in the form below and see how I can help you achieve your goals?

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