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What Your Next Step Is

It’s only the first week in the New Year, and the weight loss industry has not wasted any time. Weight loss and exercise commercials are flooding the TV screen faster than the rain that has been falling here in South Florida. And like the rain, it’s difficult to ignore them. Especially if you know you over-indulged during the holidays and/or you need to lose a few – more than a few – pounds. So, which of those companies are you going to go with?

As I said before, I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, but if you like making them and can follow through, by all means go ahead. But, statistics show that 75% of all New Year’s resolutions end in failure. This is not to alarm or discourage you. It’s just to show you what you are letting yourself in for when you choose to go that route.

So, what should you do? Only you can decide, but if you know you are not able to slay that dragon alone, then why not enlist the help of a health coach at the beginning of the year so you can start on the right foot. This is not to say you shouldn’t enroll in a weight-loss plan. Just remember, your ultimate goal should be achieving optimum health and not losing weight so you can squeeze into a smaller size jeans.

Or maybe you don’t need to lose weight. Maybe you are at your ideal weight, but you are experiencing emotional problems related to stress. Or you are struggling with diabetes or other health concerns. If any of these apply to you, please fill in the form below and let’s have a talk. With eighteen years as an occupational therapist working with physically and mentally-disabled patients, I have a lot to offer.

This is a new year. Take control. Don’t put it off any longer.  When you fill in the form below, I will get back to you quickly and I will let you know how I can help you. God bless.

Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes? Would you like to know how to control or even reverse your diabetes through proper diet and exercise? Then fill out the form below for a free discovery session. Contact me.